Babushfication of BJP

The photo below is that of Atanasio Monserrate aka Babush, Goa MLA, who was accused by a minor girl of buying her for Rs 50 lakhs, drugging her and repeatedly raping her in 2016. He was arrested under the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and jailed for eight days. He is currently facing trial. He was earlier in the Congress (where else?) and today he is an illustrious member of the BJP!! He was among the 10 Congress MLA who defected to the BJP recently.

The Goa unit of the BJP had earlier appealed to the people not to vote for Babush since no woman would be safe in the state. Now that he is firmly ensconced in the BJP, I guess, all Goan women would be safe. This is Beti Bachao for you. Between the defectors include Chandrakant Kuvalekar, who is an alleged Matka king from whose house several gambling coupons were recovered by the police in 2007.

The BJP promised us, Congress-mukt Bharat, instead we are getting a Congress-yukt BJP. In Maharashtra, Vijaykumar Gavit, former NCP minister, has been welcomed into the BJP. He has been found guilty by the Justice Gaikwad Commission of swindling Rs 6,000 Crore meant for tribal welfare. A PIL is pending against him.

In its desperate craze for power and more power, the BJP is behaving exactly like the Congress. Like what somebody commented, “The BJP is now Congress plus the cow”!! The party is becoming the very antithesis of its parent organization, the RSS. Its high time the RSS intervened and started a process of de-congressification of the BJP. A beginning should be made by sacking Babush from the party immediately.

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