House Niggers and Kashmiri Hindus

Many Kashmiri Hindus have signed a petition opposing abrogation of article 370 [1]. The abrogation is the only chance that their extermination may be halted and even reversed. So, one would expect that after 700 years of slavery, persecution, and slow-motion genocide, Hindus of Kashmir would rejoice, but obviously, some are not.

In the slavery years of the Blacks in the US, a lot has been written about the “House Niggers.” They were the Blacks who worked in the homes of the slave owners, not in the cotton fields. That made them feel superior, and superior they acted towards the Blacks who picked cotton.

It is for the sociologists and historians to study whether Hindus and Blacks developed these gradations to clutch at something psychological in a position of total and abject helplessness, or they had these gradations that is why they became slaves.

To a man, as a member of the species Homo Sapiens, the only thing that influences his material and spiritual well being are Freedom. To A, materially and spiritually it does not matter how he and B are treated by C. But to Hindu A, it seems that being slave to C does not matter so long as C treats him slightly better than fellow Hindu slave B. In fact, even if C is treating both Hindu A and Hindu B exactly the same (as Hindus of Kashmir faced exactly the same rapes, loot, beheadings, and extermination as Hindus of the rest of India), to Hindu A it is fine so long as he is able to maintain the psychic illusion of being superior to Hindu B.

This is beyond stupidity. This is something de-evolution. A regression of species. And the phenomenon is not restricted to Hindus of Kashmir but is common across all linguistic groups of Hindus.

It is sad, and it is tragic, that such loonies exist. But it is outright dangerous for all of us Hindus that such loonies more often than not hold power, as politicians, bureaucrats, and businessmen. And decide, destroy, lives of all of us.


[1] Kashmiri Pandits, Dogras and Sikhs Sign Petition Condemning Abrogation of Article 370 Aug 10, 2019 – The Wire

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