Casteism, a Hinduphobic term

Any reference of casteism against any Bharatiya is a racist slur which can be questioned as Human Rights violation in today’s court system.

Any western person will first ask a Bharatiya, so you have a caste system? That is the most Hindu-phobic and derogatory term used against Bharatiya people. Nowadays, if any Bharatiya is asked that question, that person can go to court for racial discrimination. Hindu phobia has reached its peak today because of Islamic nations and also due to Christian Missionaries. Hindu temples are routinely attacked in the USA, Sikhs are questioned for their turbans and other Hindus are usually mocked on Caste system or arranged marriages. These are all racist attacks and Bharatiyas have to demand their equal rights in Europe, Asia, Africa and even in the USA. Usually, most Bharatiya hang their heads when attacked on the caste system and become defensive. That needs to be stopped. Because no Hindu Scriptures support casteism. Caste is a pejorative term invented in the 1600s by Portuguese Christians to put Bharatiyas into defence and basically to question the faith of millions of residents of Bharat.

Hindus were not inferior to the nations of Europe and he was convinced that England had more to gain if civilization became an article for trade between Bharat and England

The social structure of Bharat had four categories or वर्ण. Caste is not a Bharatiya word but rather a Portuguese Christian term which was derogatorily used to attack the teachers or Brahmin of Bharat. Because the only way they could gain trust of Bharatiya was to break their existing trust on their Teachers or Brahmins. Christianity replaced native cultures through fraud – Intellectual, Social and Historical. You can understand more about their fraudulent nature by just visiting the museums of Rome and Vatican. Their history is filled with deceit. The story of capture of Rome from Romans is itself a testimony to this fact. Francis Xavier wrote a letter to the Society of Jesus, “if it were not for the Brahmins, we should have all heathens embracing our faith.” Francis Xavier called all Bharatiya as Heathen in his private letter. The whole purpose of Macaulay and all other Christian Missionaries was to turn unsuspecting Hindu children against Brahmins. That was the main purpose of inventing a derogatory term – Caste, to destroy the Vedic culture of India, through the destruction of Brahminical class. Because until Brahmins are not destroyed, Hindus won’t become Christian. This fraud is still continuing through the Nehru Dynasty and other educational platforms that were cultivated for the same such as AMU, JNU and so on.

What is that Bharat that the whole world wanted to discover? Was the whole world just interested in spices and trade from Bharat? Or was there more to Bharat that most Indians are taught today? Bharat lives in its villages and that is true to this day ever since the time of Mahabharata. Even in the times of Mahabharat, the governance of Yudhishthir was built around villages. That’s how scientific we are. There is no documented discrimination by anyone at any time. A system of five brave, efficient and intelligent men were chosen from the village to provide efficient administration of those villages. That is how the panchayat system is existent from time immemorial, and that made Bharat the most trusted nation in the world. Throughout the world, ancient Greeks, Chinese, Persians, Western Europeans and others in the Far East respected Bharat for her wisdom, justice and truthfulness. The biggest wealth of ancient Bharat was her people. What were those people known for? Truth and Justice at the individual level and society level. If Bharat was known for truth and justice, will those people discriminate against their very own people? History doesn’t support any of the Christian missionary accusations against Bharatiyas. Even Mughals relied on Hindus more than their own people for efficient governance. Even though Mughals never trusted them because Mughals were always scared of revolt knowing well how much violence they had done against Hindus in Afghanistan and today’s Pakistan.

There are ample proofs after proofs where the Christian colonizers from Britain and Muslim looters from Arab & Central Asia, acknowledged about one quality of Bharatiya and that was truth and justice. Max Mueller in his book ‘India what it can teach us’, “The whole of their literature from one end to the other is pervaded by expressions of love and reverence for truth.” That was the observance of Max Mueller, whose only objective of translating Vedic scriptures was to inject his Christian ideals into them to destroy the very essence of Bharat. In 1836, Macaulay says,” It is my belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolator among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence. “The brainwashing of Hindus has been done so completely by the westernized Education system, that they are not even able to think clearly about what happened to them. And this was the masterstroke of their British masters. They attempted to destroy a civilization that was thousands of years older than what they could ever think of. And they are partly successful!

Thomas Munro, Governor of Madras presidency, commented publicly, “Hindus were not inferior to the nations of Europe and he was convinced that England had more to gain if civilization became an article for trade between Bharat and England”. It’s time for all Bharatiyas to understand their gameplan and not let them succeed in their mission of destroying the oldest living civilization on the planet.

To summarize, Casteism is not Bharatiya or in any way connected to Hindu Vedic culture. Any reference of casteism against any Bharatiya is a racist slur which can be questioned as Human Rights violation in today’s court system. Hindu phobia of Islamic nations and Christian Missionaries is unfounded and racially motivated to put Bharatiyas in defensive, because they themselves have a lot to hide.

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